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Terms and Conditions


·         The passenger should report at the boarding point at least 15 minutes before departure time with the printed ticket or mticket.

·         The arrival & departure time mentioned on the ticket are tentative timings and may change due to unforeseen circumstances. The coach will not leave the source before the departure time mentioned on the ticket.

·         The company is not responsible if the passenger missed the bus from unauthorized boarding points. No Refunds or Complaints will be entertained for unauthorized boarding.

·         The Company is not responsible for any incorrect details furnished by the customer and no claim will be entertained towards these faulty bookings.

·         Children above five years will be charged and no half ticket will be entertained.

·         Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the coach.

·         Contraband and explosive articles are not allowed.

·    Management is not responsible for missing loss or damage to your luggages/baggage.

·         The management reserves the right to cancel/modify the seat allotment or schedule without assigning any reasons or prior notice in order to accommodate ladies, physically disabled, senior citizens and children’s etc.

·         Co-Seats of lady passenger to be confirmed to lady passenger only, no accommodation given to male passenger. 

·         The company undertakes no liability in case of cancellation or delays of trips due to breakdown, bad weather or for reasons beyond the control of the management. However proportionate refund of fare will be allowed in case of no alternate arrangement is made.

·         Changes to journey date can be made to your booking if you notify us at least SIX hours prior to the scheduled departure time by visiting our branch/agency counter.

·         No cancellation is allowed for pre/postponed or open ticket. 

·         Open ticket is valid for 90 days only.

·         In case of open tickets / Pre/Postpone tickets, the fare prevailing at the time of confirmation of journey will be charged.

·         It is required that the passengers will behave in a reasonable sensible and lawful manner and shall not use abusive or threatening words or drunken passengers or behave in a manner which may cause discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to the other passengers or to the vehicle or obstruct the company staff in performing their duties. In such case the passengers is liable to be alighted from the coach without any refund

·         All extra provisions inside the coach are only for better amenities and travel comforts. If any such systems malfunctions or fails, no compensation shall be claimed.

·         No pets are allowed on board.


·         E-Tickets cancellation should be made through only on online. No Cancellations made at our booking office/agents counters.

  • Less than 3 hours from the station departure time: 100 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 3 Hrs to 6 Hrs from the station departure time: 50 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 6 Hrs to 12 Hrs from the station departure time: 25 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 12 Hrs to 24 Hrs from the station departure time: 10 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 1 to 30 days before station departure time: 10 % Cancellation Charges